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Founding Pastor E.L. Bowman

The journey began the 2nd Sunday in the month of November in the year of 1962. Rev. E. L. Bowman preached his first sermon, “Be Ready” at the Greater North Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of his father in the ministry, the late Rev. C. Wright.

Knowing that God had a plan for his life, Rev. Bowman was called to pastor Joshua Baptist church in Avalon, Texas. During his tenure, the membership increased by 300%, he began the storehouse for the needy and increase worship from once to twice per month. Pastor Bowman was there until he heard the voice of God leading him in a different direction.

March 11, 1965, Pastor Bowman received a vision from God leading him to organize a church. Thus, Mount Tabor Missionary Baptist Church was formally organized with two children and eight adults. Again, adhering to the voice of God, in 1966, Pastor Bowman and the members of Mount Tabor knew that God had a greater work for them, thus changing the name of the church to Greater Mount Tabor Missionary Baptist Church. In 1997, Pastor Bowman was diagnosed and healed of prostate cancer. It was during this time that Pastor Bowman knew that it was time for him to pass the torch to “the Joshua” in the form of Rev. Elvis Bowman, Sr. Pastor Bowman named his son Rev. Elvis Bowman, Sr. as pastor of Greater Mount Tabor Christian Center and he assumed the role of Senior Pastor/Founder. Desiring to reach all denominations, in 2000, Greater Mount Tabor Missionary Baptist Church became Greater Mount Tabor Christian Center.

During Senior Pastor’s more than forty years in the ministry, he has 22 sons in the ministry and has developed 12 young ministers who are now leading churches. Through the aid of the Holy Spirit, Senior Pastor increased the membership of Greater Mount Tabor 100 times in 10 years, erected three buildings from the ground, organized over 60 different ministries, founded Fort Worth Human Services, Inc. and Greater Mount Tabor Christian School.

Senior Pastor has served in many ministerial capacities throughout his years in ministry. He was founder and Moderator for DFW Metroplex District Association. He was the founder for Light Holders of Unity Union an organization for young ministers. He is Founder and former President for Ecumenical Evangelistic Fellowship, past member of Baptist Ministers Union of Fort Worth, served on the National Baptist Publishing Advisory Board, past Vice Moderator of Elm Grove District Association, former President of Elm Grove District Congress and served on the National Missionary Baptist Benevolence Board.

Senior Pastor is also involved in the community. He served on the Stop Six Community Development Board. He was instrumental in locating the Stop Six Medical Clinic to the community. He is actively involved in city council meetings. Senior Pastor actively attends community forums offered by state and national officials.

Senior Pastor is the son of the late Anderson Bowman and 98 year old Tommie Bowman. He has been married to the Love of His Life Annette Ray Bowman for 50 years. Together, they have 8 children, 22 grand children and 12 great grand children.

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